The Ellicock Family Winery

Love of family, commitment to friendships, passion for fine wines, devotion to excellence and the magnificent grapes of Napa Valley are the building blocks for the Ellicock Family Winery and it’s superior, hand-crafted Anterra Wines. 
The winery is a result of teamwork between Andy and Teri Ellicock who are the sole owners and employees of the tiny micro-winery, which is nestled in the beautiful Napa Valley. 
The Family Winery did not simply appear over night.  Andy and Teri are wine enthusiasts who allowed their enthusiasm to mature into a passion to produce their own wines.
To realize the goal, Andy elected to take classes at Napa Valley College then from the University of California, Davis, to fortify his technical skills.  The courses in winemaking complemented the long hours of discussions Andy was having, and still has, with local vintners and winemakers concerning the craftsmanship and “art” of producing a premium wine.  By the early 90’s Andy felt he was ready to produce his own wine.  The resulting wine, made exclusively with hand-selected Napa Valley grapes, was truly remarkable.
The wines were so good that Andy was encouraged to enter them in several wine competitions and go “head-to-head” with the best wines the Napa Valley and other California wine producing regions have to offer.  The deep rich and ripe fruit flavors of the wines and the carefully balanced oak undertones won the applause of the judges.  As a result, the Ellicock wines initial offerings won numerous awards including several First Place and Best of Show awards, including Gold medals at the California State Fair, Orange County Fair and Los Angeles County Fair.
As one would expect, the tradition of excellence Andy had already established were upheld and the wines were instant favorites with wine aficionados and immediate award winners in competitions, including, most recently, medals in both the prestigious 2005 California State Fair and 2005 Los Angeles County fair.
Today, the Ellicock Family Winery, by intent, is one of the smallest bonded wineries in the Napa Valley.  The micro-winery limits its production to approximately 1200 cases of ultra-premium Anterra Wine each year; half the issue is dedicated to Merlot, the other half to Cabernet Sauvignon.
While time has passed since the Ellicock’s began their journey from aficionados to producers their values have not.  They still adhere to the fundamentals of family, friendships, passion for fine wines, devotion to excellence, and, personally selecting the very finest grapes from the magnificent Napa Valley.

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